A Hardanger Sachet

This is another little kit that came in the things my friend gave me.  It is a cute little sachet.  I stuffed it with a tiny pillow.

Hardanger sachet Ronda Cassens

The fabric was a long strip that was already finished on the edges, so after doing the embroidery I hemmed the top and stitched up the sides.  It has eyelets in the corners and just open kloster blocks in the center.  Then I sewed a little pillow to fill it.  I am busy getting outdoor stuff done before it gets to be winter, but hopefully I will be able to finish up more things here soon!

A little change of pace

Now that I have more free time, I have been finishing some projects that I started a while ago.  I used to do a lot of cross stitch, but got distracted by quilting and card making for a while.  Some time ago, I was given a whole bunch of cross-stitch stuff by a friend whose mother wasn’t into it anymore, and there was a kit in the bundle that had cross stitch and hardanger embroidery on it.  Here is the finished project:

Hardanger cross stitch Ronda Cassens

I backed the hardanger portion with red fabric so that it would stand out, and the frame I found at Hobby Lobby. I knew that I would have a hard time finding a square frame that I liked, and I was nearly out of options until I found this one in the very last row of frames.  It was perfect, AND it was on clearance for $3.40!  You can’t beat that.  I cut the mat myself with a mat cutter, which has paid for itself a million times over since it is ridiculously expensive to have mats cut.  Best. Purchase. Ever.

I have only done hardanger once before, and now that I’ve tried it again, I decided that I liked it a lot.  So I went and bought a bunch of hardanger books, perle cotton, and fabric.  And I am finishing another kit that came in the bundle of stuff, so look for that soon!