Fair Entries: Previously Posted

Next I have some projects that I had posted about previously, so you can check out the links to get more details on each project.

Here is my Flower Patch Quilt, which won Reserve Champion in the quilting class:


And here is my Rain Check Quilt, which earned first place:


And lastly, here are my Wicker Socks, which earned Champion in it’s category and Reserve Champion overall!


I was really happy with how this group of projects did at their individual fairs!

New quilt pattern in progress

I have finally finished the first draft of new quilt pattern for this little quilt:


I named the quilt “Little Ladders” because it somewhat resembles the block called Jacob’s Ladder, although it’s really a Jewel Box block, but I thought “Little Ladders” was a lot cuter!  The quilt measures 18″ square, and the fabric line is called “Lakeside Gatherings”.  Even though you could make the quilt from mini charms, I used a regular charm pack cut into 2 1/2″ squares so that I could have an equal number of light and dark squares.  Getting the pieced border to fit was a little tricky, but with a couple of adjustments to the seam allowances, it worked just fine!  I love it when I can create something so cute with a little bit of math.  I hope to get the pattern tested and published soon!


Fair Entries – Little Lone Star Quilt

I have always wanted to try a Lone Star Quilt, but couldn’t get around to it until I needed something for the fair.  I got this fabric from Yoder’s Quilt Store, which is in Shipshewanna, IN, but they make it to the local quilt shop hop every year, and that is where I bought the fat quarter bundle used in this quilt:


I was very excited with how this came out, and the quilting design was fun to do.  This quilt, which I named “Summer Days”, received a first place ribbon.  The quilt finished at 11″ square and each of the diamonds on the main design are 3/4″ finished.  The technique I used involves paper-piecing to make the most perfect little diamond shapes.  I’m not shy about showing it close up since everything came out perfect!  If you would like to make your own miniature Lone Star, check out “Little Lone Star Quilts” by Lorraine Olsen.  There are several sizes of Lone Stars in her book in case you want to make a bigger one than I did, and there are lots of neat design ideas in the book as well, like the pieced border.  It was certainly a fun experience, and I hope to make more of these in the future!

Baby Quilt

When I found out that one of my co-workers was having a baby, I got super excited because I could make an airplane quilt!  So I found the perfect airplane fabric (Ready Set Go) and made this quilt:

R. Cassens Airplane Quilt


It is very much like the Pheobe quilt I posted about earlier, but smaller and without the four patch sashing squares.  Here is the label.  Stripes of course had to help me sew it on.  He likes to lay on stuff I’m working on and purr like crazy!

R. Cassens airplane Quilt label

The baby arrived last week, and the new parents loved the quilt.  I was sad to give it away, but I have extra airplane fabric in case I want to make something for myself!

Baby Quilt!


Here is a baby quilt that I made for my sister-in-law.  Her son Tio was born in February, and I actually had the quilt done and ready to go well before the baby was born!  I just had to make the lable once I knew what his name was.

Pheobe by Ronda Cassens

The pattern is called Phoebe, and it came from the Fall 2009 issue of Easy Quilts. This is the second time I have made this pattern, and I love how simple and quick it is to put together!  I quilted it in the ditch, so that went fairly quickly as well.  The fabric line is called All Star 2 by Riley Blake.  I had the brown fabric already, and I knew that it would be perfect for the new baby because my in-laws were in Texas for a few years and were going for a western theme.   I also had a lot of fat quarters from this line, but it wasn’t enough to do this pattern.  And unfortunately, my local quilt shop no longer had any more of this fabric since it was retired, so I had to hunt for it online.  After some searching, I was able to order enough to make this quilt.  I don’t have a picture of the back, but it was pieced from all the fat quarters and scraps that I had left over from making the quilt, so I used up everthing I had from this line.   Yay!  I’m curious, does anyone else like to piece their backs?

Pheobe by Ronda Cassens

I will be going to a quilt retreat in April, so I should have some more time to do some sewing and quilting.  I can’t wait!

More Quilt Retreat Projects

I finally quilted and got binding on two more quilts that I made at the quilt retreat that I went to before Christmas.  This is the first quilt:

kylee's kite by Ronda Cassens

The name of the pattern is Kylee’s Kites, and the free original pattern is here:  http://www.quiltinaday.com/tv/2013/patterns/miniaturequilts.pdf

The pattern takes a special ruler that I ended up ordering online, and it really helped to make nice, precise kites (that sounds pretty funny, especially if you say it out loud!).  I changed the pattern to have colored sashing with white squares and left out the borders, which I think made it much better.  I was going to do the really small version that was only 7 1/2″ square, but decided against it.  Instead, I decided that I would make this ridiculously small quilt with the leftover squares:

Ziggy by Ronda Cassens

I don’t know what possessed me to attempt this; the finished size of the half square triangles is 1/2″, so the whole thing is around 4″x 5″.  Here’s a 6″ ruler to give you an idea:

Ziggy by Ronda Cassens

I guess every now and then I like to see how small I can go, but then I usually end up scratching my head wondering what to do with such a tiny thing!  Maybe if I make enough tiny ones I will put together a collage in my craft room to make them look a little more substantial!

Winter Fun!

I went to a quilting retreat the weekend before Christmas and was able to make several small quilts.  Late Saturday night I was given some scraps that were left over from another quilter’s ornament project (thanks Martha!).  There was this super cute fabric that had little penguins, foxes, moose, bears, and other animals.  I went to bed that night dreaming of how I could use the fabrics in a little quilt.  Sunday morning I got to work on this quilt and had it finished Sunday evening:

Winter Fun Quilt

The only fabric that I added to the scraps was the gray for the setting triangles and binding and the white for the backing, which I had to wait until I got home from the retreat to get.  I was so excited about how this quilt turned out that I made a pattern for it yesterday, so it will be available soon!

I will be posting more of my retreat projects as I finish them.  Thanks for stopping by!

Maybe a little too small?


Another quilt from Miniature Quilts magazine. This quilt weighs in at a whopping 6 x 8 inches, with 1 inch finished blocks. While it wasn’t hard to make, I just look at it and wonder what the heck I’m going to do with it. I think I’ll stick with quilts that are just a little bigger! This one is going into the open show at the local fair.

Recently completed quilts


I don’t have a lot of students this summer, so I’ve had a lot more time to craft. Here are two quilts that I’ve finished. The pattern for the amish colored quilt came from Miniature Quilts magazine. Sadly it’s no longer being published, but I’ve bought as many as I could from eBay. I quilted it by hand, which I don’t do often, but I figured an amish-style quilt would look odd with machine quilting! The seams were hard to get through, so after I finished it I went out and bought a thimble, so no more sore fingers for me!The sunflower quilt was a pattern from another magazine called Miniature Quilt Ideas. Maybe someday little quilts will get a big enough following to have their own magazine again!