Fair Entries – Little Lone Star Quilt

I have always wanted to try a Lone Star Quilt, but couldn’t get around to it until I needed something for the fair.  I got this fabric from Yoder’s Quilt Store, which is in Shipshewanna, IN, but they make it to the local quilt shop hop every year, and that is where I bought the fat quarter bundle used in this quilt:


I was very excited with how this came out, and the quilting design was fun to do.  This quilt, which I named “Summer Days”, received a first place ribbon.  The quilt finished at 11″ square and each of the diamonds on the main design are 3/4″ finished.  The technique I used involves paper-piecing to make the most perfect little diamond shapes.  I’m not shy about showing it close up since everything came out perfect!  If you would like to make your own miniature Lone Star, check out “Little Lone Star Quilts” by Lorraine Olsen.  There are several sizes of Lone Stars in her book in case you want to make a bigger one than I did, and there are lots of neat design ideas in the book as well, like the pieced border.  It was certainly a fun experience, and I hope to make more of these in the future!

Fair entries – earrings

This time I have some fun earrings to share.  The pattern came from a book called “Wirework Jewelry Workshop” by Sian Hamilton and is called Color Splash.


These were pretty time-consuming to make.  The frame went quickly, but the wire weaving along each side took forever.  Especially when you only have a few hours left to turn in your fair projects and you had just scrapped a different design that didn’t turn out well to start this one!  Yay for last minute!  They got done, though, and did very well, so I was glad that I went with these instead!


Fair Entries – Graduation Card

My step-sister in law graduated with her master’s degree this weekend, so I decided in preparation for this that I would make a graduation card as one of my fair entries.  It won reserve champion.  Once again, my Cuttlebug and dies came to the rescue to make the letters and numbers.


Here is the inside:


If you look closely, there is a little pocket for a gift card on the left flap, so you can give the lucky grad a special treat!  If you would like to make a card like this for your graduate, click here to get Jill Hilliard’s directions.

Fair entries – Set of three Cards

These cards were entered as a set of three cards, which won reserve champion in the card category:


These cards were inspired by a card that I found on Pinterest.  It was fun picking out coordinating colors for the cards, and while I was making them, I decided to make a different embossed background for each one.  The circles and flowers were all die cut except for the flower centers, which were punched.  My Cuttlebug die cut machine definitely got a workout making these cards!  Here is the inside:


More fair entries coming up soon!

Last of the fair results

Here is the final post of this year’s fair results.  I had posted details about these projects earlier, so you can search through those if you are curious about them.  And now the winners:


I received a first place ribbon for my pendant and baseball birthday card, and champion for my miniature quilt.  I had a lot of people ask how I made it when I picked it up, and they couldn’t believe how tiny it was.  My wire work earrings got champion and reserve grand champion overall, so that is awesome!

If you look really close in the left corner, you will see part of two quilts that are in progress, and I’ll show you those when they are done.  But for now, check in tomorrow and I will share something really awesome with you!


First round of fair results – Card

valentine card Ronda Cassens

Here is cute valentine’s day card that I found on Splitcoaststampers.com.  I had a punch that had the tiny little hearts that I glued on to the trees.  The stamp set is a retired Stampin Up! set called Trendy Trees.  The envelope was stamped with a different set, but I don’t recall the name.  This card won reserve grand champion over all.

Here is the inside:


Next round of fair results coming up!

First Round fair results – Birthday Card

Punch art birthday card Ronda Cassens

This punch art card was inspired by Pinterest, and got a reserve champion ribbon in its class.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, it is always fun to break out the punches and create something new.  The vase was really fun to make.  I used an oval die in my die cutting machine and put stripes on it with my scoring tool.  Then I embossed the designs with an embossing plate.  Then I used chalk on everything to soften the image.

Here is the inside:

Punch art birthday card inside Ronda Cassens

More tomorrow!

Card for the fair

The last fair entry for this particular fair (I entered in two different fairs, pics of those soon!), is a swing card.  My husband’s uncle likes baseball, and I found this idea and knew that I had to make it:

Baseball Swing Card Ronda Cassens

This is the inside:

Baseball Swing Card Inside Ronda Cassens

The original card called for a die template that cut everything for you, but I thought there had to be a way to do it with things I already had.  So a quick search of Splitcoaststampers.com revealed that this type of card was called a swing card, and I could do it with my CuttleBug die cutting machine and circle dies from Spellbinders.  The tutorial is here if you would like to try a swing card yourself:  Swing Card Tutorial.  The best part about this card is that I got to dust off my paper punch collection to make the stars and stitching on the baseball.  Punches are awesome!

Jewelry entries for the fair

Here are my entries for the jewelry division.  The first is a pendant:

Elegant Swirl Pendant Ronda Cassens

It is called Elegant Swirl Pendant, and I found the video to make it here on YouTube.  It is from Jocelyn D., who has all sorts of cool wire-work tutorials.  I had always wondered how people got the shapes to fit so nicely without a lot of trial and error, but after watching the video, I discovered that having a sketch to help line up and shape your pieces made it really easy.  You just had to do a little tweaking in the end.  The wire is square wire, and in the tutorial, Jocelyn says that you can buy it twisted or she just twisted her own.  Since none of the stores had twisted square wire I figured it would be pretty simple to twist my own.  Not so much.  I stripped several pieces of their coating because the pliers kept slipping, then it would only twist near the pliers I was holding the wire with, and it was a mess.  I finally got it worked out, though.  Probably should have done some research first to save myself the hassle!

The other jewelry entry is a pair of earrings:

Bloom Earrings Ronda Cassens

I found this design on Pinterest, and the tutorial is here.  This was my first attempt at adding patina using liver of sulfur gel, so of course I wanted to try it out on some scraps before I did it on the real project.  I learned that wire that is treated to prevent tarnish does not develop patina, which for some reason the books I own neglected to make that fact known.  It makes sense, but it would have been nice to know before I bought a bunch of copper wire!  After some experimenting, I found out that if you scrub the wire really well with steel wool, you can get the anti-tarnish stuff off, but if you miss a spot, it doesn’t work out well.  I was glad I tested it before I made the project, because I would have had to start all over with scrubbed wire. It was a lot of work to scrub all the wire, and then you had to scrub it again after it came out of the solution.  I was not excited about the effort it took, but it certainly looks really cool.  We’ll have to see if I do much more patina work in the future.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, and I certainly learned a lot about wire-work.

A really tiny quilt

I have always wanted to do a card trick quilt, and I found this pattern for a miniature card trick.  The blocks are 1 1/4″ finished, so they are pretty tiny, but the trick was (see what I did there?) that you started out with big pieces and cut them down smaller as you went, so it was more accurate than trying to match up tiny pieces.  I started this quilt at the last quilt retreat that I went to a few months back.  Kyla, who tests my patterns for me, saw me working on this and said that there was no way she was pattern testing that!  I assured her that it was not a pattern I made, just one I found on the internet!  I modified the border and the sashing from the original pattern, which was due to planning errors, cutting errors, and just plain not enough fabric.  Even with all that, the process forced me to make do and in the end it turned out really cute.

Card Trick Mini by Ronda Cassens

This quilt was entered in the open class at the fair, so I will let you know how it did.  More fair project posts to come!