Cool Goodies!

This past weekend my husband went to an auction to buy a sandblasting cabinet for his shop.  It was at a house, and while he was there, several boxes of fabric, patterns, and yarn came up for sale.  No one wanted it, so he got four good-sized boxes of stuff for $1.  Yes, all of this for $1.  He told me about it when I was at work Saturday and I had to wait all day to find out what kind of treasures he had gotten.  Talk about torture!  Even if I didn’t like most of it, it didn’t matter because it was all $1.  Here is a shot of the boxes before sorting:

Auction goodies

Here is a picture after sorting:


I kept 1 full box of fabric, two patterns (most of them were pretty dated and/or childrens clothes/costumes), and the yarn, which was mostly cotton (yay for dishcloths!).  The fabric on the top of the box is what inspired me immediately, so it will get made into something first.  See that fabric on the left with the stripes and the sun?  It is already being made into something cool, so stay tuned.  The flower fabric will make a nice skirt, and I think some more shorts and pajamas are in store for the plaids.  The red strawberry fabric is cute, but no plans yet.  There are tons of cottons, fleece, linen, knits, and other goodies hiding inside the box.  Since I have a renewed interest in clothing, this saves me from buying new stuff.  I am super excited!