Little Mermaid Crochet

My niece really likes Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and her mom had given me a kit a while ago that had yarn and an instruction booklet to make some Disney Princesses, so I decided to crochet Ariel as a Christmas gift:


The pattern wasn’t too hard, there were just a lot of pieces to make up and so together.  While there are 12 princess patterns in the book, the kit only came with yarn to make Ariel and Cinderella, so you are on your own to buy yarn for the others.  Here is a picture of the instruction book featuring Cinderella on the cover, which I will be making for Christmas this year.  The kit is by Thunder Bay Press if you would like to get one for yourself.


Fair Entry – Lost in Time Shawl

Here is a pretty shawl that I made using the crochet pattern called Lost in Time by Johanna Lindahl.  It is a free pattern on  I used a Lion Brand Layer Cake in the colorway Genie to make it, which is a DK weight yarn.  I just love the colors and how they flow into each other.  This was an easy project once I figured out how to count my stitches correctly!  I especially liked the variety of stitches, so it was never boring.  It won a first place ribbon at the fair.


Crochet Scarf

There are a lot of self-striping yarns popping up in the local craft stores, so I decided that I would try some of them out.  The first thing I made was a crochet scarf for my sister in law for a Christmas present using the free pattern I found on Pinterest by Crochet Dreams:  Ocean Waves Scarf.

I used a ball of Caron Cakes in Blueberry, which was a little scratchy to work with, but it seems OK to wear.  For some reason, the gauge wasn’t making sense to me because the initial chain seemed like it would make the scarf way too long, so I went down a hook size, but still it seemed long, so I ripped it back again and started over with yet a smaller hook.  Still too long, so I reduced the number of chains down to 258 from 302 and thought that I had it, but then the stitch pattern shrunk it down a lot so that it only ended up being 56″ instead of 68″ so the scarf can’t be looped as nicely as in the picture.  I also made it 7″ wide instead of 7 1/2″ because I was getting down to the last of the yarn and the final color change and wanted to have enough to make the fringe.  This is probably due to the fact that I ended up using a much smaller hook, but it is long enough to still be a good sized scarf.  The stitch pattern was easy to work, but for some reason I kept wanting to make 2 double crochets in the stitch below instead of 3 so I had to keep double checking my work (and ripping back when I didn’t notice the mistake soon enough!).  I will probably make another scarf with this pattern since it was quick to make; it only took a few days to do.

Crochet Necklace

I found the tutorial for this necklace on Pinterest while searching for something to make for a friend who is retiring at the end of this month:

Crochet necklace Ronda Cassens

It was super easy and didn’t take much time at all to make.  It took me a little over two hours.  And it doesn’t matter if the stitches are perfect or any particular gauge.  The best part is that it combines two things that I like:  beads and crochet!  It was very relaxing to do, especially since I didn’t have to follow any sort of pattern and just added random numbers beads and stitches between the beads as I went.  The hardest part for me was that the weight of the beads kept pulling on the thread, which made it hard to work with at first, but I ended up pushing all the beads further down the thread to rest in my lap so it wasn’t so heavy.  The beads and thread came from Hobby Lobby, and I pretty much used a whole package of bead mix. They have a lot of neat mixes and I have plans to make more of these once they go on sale again.  If you would like to make one, visit Just Jen and check out her crochet necklace tutorial!

Cute Conejo


crochet bunny by Ronda Cassens

I took about three years of Spanish in high school, and I don’t remember a whole lot of it, but I do remember the word for rabbit!  I found the pattern here: , and it is in Spanish (hence the title of this post), but there’s a Google Translate for that if you want to make one, too!  My gauge must have been different than the original pattern because the skirt was too small using the measurements on the pattern, so I had to start over and make it bigger on the second attempt.  I added the bow for super cuteness.  It took about an evening to make, if you don’t count having to stop because I didn’t have the right-sized safety eyes that I was almost certain I had (quick trip to Hobby Lobby the next day) and having to make the dress twice (abandon until the next day to rethink plan)!  This little bunny was made for my one-year old niece, and I gave it to her yesterday at her birthday party.  She immediately hugged it and started chewing on an arm, so I am pretty sure she liked it!