Right before Christmas, Joann Fabrics had their juvenile cotton knits for 60% off, so I decided to stock up on some cute prints to make some new pajamas.  Here is the first pajama shirt that I made using McCalls 2476:

I was a little apprehensive about sewing on knits because it had been a while since I had done it (a while like high school!), so I did a bunch of research before I started.  The first thing I had to figure out was how to find the straight grain so I wouldn’t have weird stretching issues.  It turns out you just find a row of knit lines and try to pin the fold so that it is on the same knit line.  It took a while since the knit is really fine, but it is definitely worth it.  The next thing was to research what I needed to actually sew, which included a machine needle designed for knit fabrics, my walking foot, and a twin needle to finish the hems on the sleeves and bottom.  The walking foot made sewing a piece of cake and I didn’t have any puckering in the seams.  I was also very careful not to pull or push on the fabric as I sewed.  On the hems, I used my walking foot with the twin needle, and I put on spool of thread on my machine and the other in a container set to the back of the machine.  I think it looks really neat, just like store-bought clothes!

I will be making a long sleeve version with snowmen on it next!

Another Sorbetto Top

I love the Sorbetto pattern by Colette patterns.  I found this cute fabric with boats and decided to make another top with this pattern.  And of course, it was worn on the cruise we went on!  For this version, I decided it needed buttons, so I bought some navy blue buttons to sew on.  It looks really nice under my navy blue cardigan, so it will work for spring, summer and fall wear!


Here is a picture of me wearing it on the cruise.  Our cabin attendant made this awesome monkey for our room.  Towel animals are cool!


Sun Hat

My husband and I went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean over Christmas.  We had never been on a cruise before, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect.  We went with two other families and had a wonderful time!  To get ready for the cruise, I did quite a bit of sewing, so here is one of the projects I made:


This hat was a free pattern I found by Lorena Buck Designs.  It was easy to sew, and even though I was a little worried that it would look homemade, it came out really nice.  The flower I made as well, the pattern came from So Sew Something.  The hat definitely helped keep the sun off!

Here it is in action in Belize.  This is the jungle near the Lamanai Ruins:


More cruise projects to come soon!

Pillowcase top

You know that cute fabric with the stripes and the sun that came in my dollar boxes worth of treasures that I blogged about before?  I finally made it into a pillowcase top (although it didn’t start out as a pillowcase, it may have been a sheet in a former life).  Well, I discovered that this shape of clothing is not very flattering on my body type, but it’s fine for around the house, or, as my husband suggested, the beach.  Lesson learned!  Anyway, this top used shirring, which uses elastic thread in the bobbin to gather the fabric.  The hardest part about this technique was figuring out how much to loosen the bobbin tension to get the elastic to feed properly.  Other than that, it was very easy and fun to do.  If you think this style would look good on you, here is the link to the free tutorial:


Linen Shorts


Continuing with the clothing theme, I was so excited about my Sorbetto top that I dug out this blue linen blend and pattern that I had bought two years ago.  I tend to have a lot of plans that take a while to come to fruition!  The pattern came from the 2012 summer edition of Interweave’s Stitch magazine and the fabric from Joann’s.  The ribbon is the only thing that cinches up the waist, so they look huge when they’re off.  I think next time I will make a size smaller since the legs seem a little big.  Making clothes is a lot of fun!  Although it is weird cutting and sewing a couple of pieces together instead of tons of pieces like a quilt!

Sorbetto Tank Top



I don’t typically like to sew clothes because in the past  I’ve had problems with them fitting well.  But I stumbled on some simple patterns on Pinterest that got me interested in trying it again.  This top is a free pattern from Colette Patterns called Sorbetto Tank Top, and it turned out really nice!  The cotton fabric came from JoAnn’s, and it has outlines of clouds in the background, red and yellow hot air balloons, and the best part, little paper airplanes!  When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for this top, but the bolt said it was $14/yard, so I made myself wait until it went on sale.  Finally, it was half off, but when I got to the cutting counter, the lady said it was $6/yard.  The math didn’t work out, but at least it was less.  Then at checkout, the lady asked if I had another 50% off coupon, and I said I didn’t think I had anything else that was regular price (you can’t use coupons on sale items), and she said the fabric wasn’t on sale.  So long story short, I got a yard and a half of awesome fabric for $4.50!  Best deal ever!



If you would like to make a Sorbetto Tank Top, follow this link: