Little Mermaid Crochet

My niece really likes Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and her mom had given me a kit a while ago that had yarn and an instruction booklet to make some Disney Princesses, so I decided to crochet Ariel as a Christmas gift:


The pattern wasn’t too hard, there were just a lot of pieces to make up and so together.  While there are 12 princess patterns in the book, the kit only came with yarn to make Ariel and Cinderella, so you are on your own to buy yarn for the others.  Here is a picture of the instruction book featuring Cinderella on the cover, which I will be making for Christmas this year.  The kit is by Thunder Bay Press if you would like to get one for yourself.


Cute Conejo


crochet bunny by Ronda Cassens

I took about three years of Spanish in high school, and I don’t remember a whole lot of it, but I do remember the word for rabbit!  I found the pattern here: , and it is in Spanish (hence the title of this post), but there’s a Google Translate for that if you want to make one, too!  My gauge must have been different than the original pattern because the skirt was too small using the measurements on the pattern, so I had to start over and make it bigger on the second attempt.  I added the bow for super cuteness.  It took about an evening to make, if you don’t count having to stop because I didn’t have the right-sized safety eyes that I was almost certain I had (quick trip to Hobby Lobby the next day) and having to make the dress twice (abandon until the next day to rethink plan)!  This little bunny was made for my one-year old niece, and I gave it to her yesterday at her birthday party.  She immediately hugged it and started chewing on an arm, so I am pretty sure she liked it!