Graduation party

My husband and I hosted our first official party this past weekend to celebrate my graduation.  We set up in the pole barn, and of course, there was an aviation theme.  First, I decorated the tables as runways, and here is an aerial (haha!) view of the tables:


I made the markings with white Duck Tape.  Next, I made cupcakes with buttercream icing that I made from scratch and decorated them with clouds and  paper airplanes that I folded out of scrapbook paper:


At first I was going to buy white cake mix and add blue food coloring, but I found a new kind of cake mix called blue velvet.  It used butter instead of oil and was pretty tasty.  Even though I knew that I didn’t want to cook them for too long because it would discolor the blue, the first batch got a little done and had a greenish tinge to them.  Those ones didn’t get put out!  Next is the cake that my stepmom-in-law got for me:


Isn’t it awesome how they did the clouds and the icing scrolls?  It was almost too pretty to eat.  We put some paper airplanes on it, too.  Here is a picture of the card table with my diploma and cap:


The airmail box is a priority mail box turned inside out, so it had the words “Thank you for using Priority Mail” printed all over it.  I used some letter dies to cut out the words on the sign.  For food, my dad-in-law and stepmom-in-law cooked jambalya with chicken and sausage (I don’t like shrimp).  It was a huge hit, and everyone raved at how good it was.  A lot of people took leftovers, but there is still a lot left, so we will be eating it for a while!  My mom make a watermelon basket with strawberries and blueberries, and Louis’ mom made vegitable trays.  We also had homemade ice cream made with Louis’ grandma’s recipe, and my friend Rusty made an awesome topping bar:


All in all, it was a huge success and a lot of fun, so we’re thinking that we might have more parties in the future!